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 Barre Strong Strong blends conditioning, Yoga, Pilates and dance all in one.

This one hour class is a perfect blend of muscle sculpting and cardio.

This class is excellent for students who want to build key areas of stability and for all those who enjoy a low-impact workout that tones, stabilizes and strengthens key areas such as the core, back, glutes, legs and  arms while getting just a little sweaty.

We promise this class will leave you smiling and feeling it the next day in a good way.

Balanced Life Yoga offers the most accessible and inspired Barre class in Durham Region. Our teachers are highly trained acclaimed which means you enjoy safe, accessible and professional classes along with a great workout!

No dance or Yoga/Pilates experience necessary bring a Yoga mat and towel.  

These classes are extremely popular so register now.


Our Offerings


  • Thursdays with Shasta from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. April 20-May 25. $95                     There are still spots left! Call us at the studio + we will pro-rate this class for you 905 428 2300


  • Tuesdays with Norma from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. May 16-June 20. $95                       SOLD OUT! Waitlist available! Call us at 905 428 2300


  • Thursdays with Shasta from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. June 1-July 6. $95addtocart-orange test 35


  • Tuesdays with Norma from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. July 4-August 8. $95addtocart-orange test 35


  • Thursdays with Shasta from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. July 13-August 17. $95addtocart-orange test 35


  • Tuesdays with Norma from 6:45 pm-7:45 pm. August 15-September 5. $65 for 4 wksaddtocart-orange test 35





If there is availability students may drop in for $21/class.  In session classes will be pro-rated if there is space. Please call us at 905-428-2300.


Curious about what Barre is all about???


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Of All My Workouts, Barre Has Produced the Best Results for Fitness and Toning

I was out with my friends and everyone was complimenting how great I looked.  It’s been six weeks since I’ve been taking the Barre Strong class and it has toned my entire body, primarily my core.  Of all my workouts; hockey, running, resistance training, competitive motorsports, this has produced the best results for overall fitness and toning. The cool part is I can have a big sweaty workout or a light workout, it all depends on how hard I want to push myself.  Norma is a great teacher, working with us when we need it and making the class fun. I’ve been recommending this class to all my friends and the warm friendly atmosphere of the Balanced Life Yoga studio and the staff. – Brett