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Prenatal Yoga & Wellness

Prenatal Yoga 

Prepare for labor, birth and motherhood in our flowing prenatal yoga classes as you are supported by our highly certified teachers and amazing community of Moms and Moms-to-be.

In a Balanced Life Yoga Prenatal Yoga Class you will nurture your pregnant body and growing baby with strengthening postures, essential breath work and much needed relaxation.

Connect with your body’s innate birth wisdom and bond with your baby as you awaken the Goddess within to support you on this magical journey into motherhood.

You will also meet other women on their pregnancy journey + bond with like-minded women in our warm, welcoming environment.

We are Durham mom’s #1 choice for prenatal Yoga, add your name to our success story list!

Suitable  for all levels and stages of pregnancy.

Yoga newbies welcome!!


Please note our Prenatal classes usually fill quickly so register early to ensure your spot.


Class Offerings


  • Wednesdays with Krista from 7:30 pm-8:45 pm. May 10-June 14. $95                            SOLD OUT! Waitlist available! Call us at the studio 905 428 2300


  • Mondays with Krista from 7:30 pm-8:45 pm. May 29-July 3. $95addtocart-orange test 35


  • Wednesdays with Krista from 7:30 pm-8:45 pm. June 21-July 26. $95addtocart-orange test 35


  • Mondays with Krista from 7:30 pm-8:45 pm. July 10-August 21. $95addtocart-orange test 35


  • Wednesdays with Krista from 7:30 pm-8:45 pm. August 2-September 6. $95addtocart-orange test 35


Success Stories

My Husband and I Learned to Work as a Team!Amanda Hobin cropped

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed attending the pre-natal yoga classes at Balanced Life Yoga. They were always the highlight of my week during my pregnancy and many of the things Krista explained or showed us I continued to use after class. I also cannot say enough how beneficial the prenatal partner yoga and birth prep workshop was to my labour and delivery. The techniques for my sacrum were my saving grace during my contractions! As well as the different uses for the birth ball. My husband and I worked as a great team thanks to what we learned from these amazing classes. 


Prenatal Yoga Changed Everything for Me!

Jenn Prenatal“I am so thankful that I took the Prenatal Yoga classes at Balanced Life Yoga. It changed everything for me! I went into labour three weeks early just after my Monday night class. In this particular class the teacher, Krista actually gave us each our own mantras, which we read out loud to one another. Mine was “I Trust My Body” and it truly spoke to me. My plan was to have a home water birth that ended up being organized at the very last minute as I was in labour early, which could have been stressful, but everything was perfect for me and baby. My Prenatal Yoga classes really helped me gain more confidence in myself and my birth. I actually had my mantra posted all over my house on sticky notes! I also used other mantras from ladies in my yoga class to help guide me through the birthing process. Thank you Krista and Balanced Life Yoga for helping me experience a beautiful moment in our lives as we welcomed Thomas James Hickey.”  Jennifer Kendry – Ajax, Ontario


Labor Was Such a Positive (and Short) Experience Thanks to Prenatal Yoga at Balanced Life

Elizabeth Shuttleworth“I had my little guy on a Sunday morning in March – Callum, 9 lbs 11 oz. and am so in love with him already! I wanted to thank Balanced Life Yoga for the awesome tips I learned from yoga during my pregnancy and my birth. I had a long labor, but it turned out to be such a positive experience. I was able to cope so much better because of some of the practices I picked up from yoga! Plus, the baby was in such great position I only had to push for 45 minutes. Thanks so much again to Krista and the Prenatal team at Balanced Life Yoga. I will definitely be signing up for postpartum classes.” – Elizabeth – Oshawa, Ontraio


When To Start Prenatal Yoga

There are many varying opinions on when to begin a Pre-Natal Yoga class. Some recommend waiting until the second trimester while others believe that when the woman is ready and feeling up to it, it is time. It is a decision that you make for yourself with the approval of your health care provider (doctor or midwife). We have had many women practice with us from six week to term and beyond as they move into our post natal programs.


2UNITE Prenatal Partner Yoga and Birth Preparation Sneak Peek 




Pelvic Floor Health for Pregnancy and Beyond with Krista & Laura Apps

Date:   TBD
Cost:   $30


 Join pelvic floor physiotherapist and mother Laura Apps for this educational/practical workshop on the pelvic floor muscles pre and post partum. Learn how to activate your pelvic floor muscles properly and keep them strong, healthy and supportive throughout your pregnancy, post partum period and your life!  The workshop will close with an all levels Prenatal yoga practice led by Krista.


This is an amazing session for pregnant/post partum women AND doula’s, midwives or yoga teachers that support women of all ages especially during the prenatal and post partum period.



2UNITE Partner Prenatal No Date

2UNITE Prenatal Partner Yoga and Birth Preparation with Krista


Sunday, June 4th from 2:00-4:00pmaddtocart-orange test 40

Cost: $60

This is a great way to bond, connect, prepare and enjoy all stages of pregnancy with your partner!!  You will be guided through a supportive physical partner yoga practice and learn hands on techniques that will help during pregnancy and labor.  This workshop is suitable for all trimesters.  No yoga experience necessary, all levels are welcome.
A partner can be a loved one, friend or member of your birth support team. Please note class fee includes both partners. Please pre-register in advance – this workshop fills up quickly.


Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga Teacher Training

prenatal-and-postnatal-yoga-training-updated-againPrenatal Yoga and Pregnancy Modification Training Certification with Krista Bromfield

Date: TBA

Investment: $299, Register for both Pre and Post Natal for $499

Learn to teach a growing field of yoga and support women on their journey into motherhood with Krista Bromfield – Balanced Life Yoga senior teacher, mother of two and RYT 500 and RPYT. In this certification, you will learn how to modify yoga for pregnant participants in group classes as well as lead appropriate, inspiring and safe pre-natal yoga classes.

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy/childbirth
  • The do’s and don’ts of the trimesters
  • Yoga asanas (postures) for pregnancy and birth including restoratives
  • Breath work and meditations appropriate for pregnancy.
  • A detailed course manual and complete posture guide
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certificate.


Prenatal Certification Empowered Savings Nov 2016 UPDATED

Postnatal Yoga + Mom & Baby Training Certification with Krista Bromfield

Date: TBA

Investment: $299, Register for both Pre and Post Natal for $499

Learn to teach Post-Natal Yoga and foster the magical bond between mom and baby with Balanced Life Yoga senior teacher and mother of two – Krista Bromfield RYT 500 and RPYT. In this certification, you will gain understanding and knowledge about the specific needs of the postpartum participant and learn to teach a Mom and Baby Yoga class.

Topics include:

  • Appropriate postnatal yoga postures and modifications
  • Mom and Baby Yoga sequences and flows
  • Strength training exercises for the pelvic floor, core and other muscles that tend to get stretched/weak or tight due to postpartum posture
  • Overview of Yoga poses specifically for babies
  • Coaching on how to build community in your classes and therefore, more class success
  • A discussion on relevant concerns for new mothers such as baby blues, postpartum depression and diastasis recti.
  • Detailed course manual and complete posture guide.
  • Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Certificate

*Please bring a life-like doll or stuffed toy with you to this training.



  • For the safety & security of our new moms, there are no additional children permitted in our Mom & Baby Yoga classes or left unattended in the studio.
  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel out of any pre-registered class or workshop. Once a session has started no refunds can be granted.
  • No make up classes available for pre-registered/workshop offerings


Our Team


Krista Bromfield (500RYT and RPYT) is the creator and teacher of the Balanced Life Yoga Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Certifications. Through prenatal yoga, she believes in creating a space for pregnant women where all birth intentions can be nurtured and supported AND mamma’s-to-be can connect with their transforming bodies and growing babies. Krista is the creator of the 2UNITE Partner Prenatal Yoga and Birth Preparation Workshops. These workshops prepare pregnant women and their partners for birth and teach essential labor support techniques – a must for all expecting couples! Check out the workshop schedule for Krista’s other pre/post natal offerings in Mindfulness Meditation, Pelvic Floor Health and Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Massage.  You can also meet her on the Whitby and Ajax waterfront trails for Stroller Fitness (May thru October) or on the mat with babe in Mom and Baby Yoga. As mamma to Maxton and Marley, Krista has experienced first-hand the value of pre and post natal yoga as an empowering tool for pregnancy, birth, motherhood and connection.



100000040_largeShawna Fujiki is a certified 500-Hour RYT and Pre-natal Yoga certified teacher.

Teaching with us since 2009, Shawna is thrilled to be part of our amazing Pre & Postnatal Yoga Team. Teaching Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga blends perfectly into her life as a mother to her new baby and toddler daughters. Having experienced the Pre & Postnatal classes at Balanced Life Yoga from both sides; as a teacher and as a student, Shawna knows that practicing Yoga while pregnant and then later with baby, tops the list of the joys of being a new mom!  Shawna brings a motivational energy into the yoga classroom, combined with a caring clear focus on ensuring safety and working within one’s own limitations. Motherhood and yoga are natural soul mates…Shawna will show you there is no better way to strengthen your body and the mother/baby bond all at once!




Norma Ackerley is a 500-Hour RYT, Prenatal Yoga Certified teacher and a Fitness Instructor Specialist who believes that yoga is a powerful opportunity to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

As a mother of two, Norma loves sharing the nurturing, life-affirming practice of pre and post-natal yoga. Drawing on her training as a pre/post natal certified yoga teacher and 15 years experience as a fitness instructor, she creates classes that are exploratory, grounding, strengthening and fun. Norma teaches from the heart and seeks to share the many benefits of yoga while creating a safe environment for self-discovery.  Norma’s caring nature make her an ideal teacher for Moms-to-be and new Moms.


More Testimonials


 Essentail Oils October mom and babyMy yoga practice served me well during my labour! During the most painful moments I found some comfort using yoga inspired poses and I somehow found the strength for about two days of early labour and 20 hours of active labour. None of it was easy, but I really think my yoga practice helped me and the baby work together as I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy – Quentin John Porter. Thank you to the great staff and teachers at Balanced Life Yoga!! You definitely helped make my pregnancy and birthing experience an amazing one! ” – Diane G.



I always have loved the physicality of practicing yoga poses, but not until starting the classes at Balanced Life Yoga did I understand the mental and spiritual connection that I could have with myself, and the baby in my tummy! The teachers at the studio have shown me this side of yoga and I am so grateful. I feel more a part of my own body, the life within me, the people around me, and my surroundings. Thank you!” – Alli W., Whitby


“I had never practiced yoga before my pregnancy and I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. From the first class with Krista I knew I was in the right place.  The stretches and exercises helped me to stave off the aches and discomforts of pregnancy and Krista’s knowledgeable instruction and tips for day to day really helped me to feel well.  The 2UNITE Prenatal Partner Yoga and Birth Prep with Krista and Dwayne was wonderful and I found it to be more useful for labor preparation than any of the other prenatal education classes I took. The additional workshops with experts in the community also provided great supplemental learning.

Most meaningful to me was the time Krista spent with me after class answering my questions, reviewing positions and just helping to alleviate my anxieties about labor.  Thank you Krista and Balanced Life Yoga for enhancing my pregnancy experience. I can’t wait to pass my six week check up so I can start Mom and Baby Yoga and Stroller Fitness!” – Jaclyn and Dani


“I really enjoyed this prenatal yoga class! By far the best prenatal yoga I have taken in Durham Region” – Ajax Prenatal Student

“Great place to breath, relax and connect with my body and baby.” – Ajax Prenatal Student

“Very enjoyable class. One of a very few hours per week I can focus on myself and connecting with my baby.” – Ajax Prenatal Student

“Love Krista’s class!! It has really helped me connect to my second pregnancy in a positive way as opposed to my first.” – Sarah La Rose

“I feel so much more relaxed and prepared for my first child.  I am much more comfortable with my pregnancy and prepared for the birth.” – Jennifer Hunter

“I love this class and look forward to connecting with my baby each week.  Krista is a fab teacher and I have learned so much taking pre-natal.” – Ajax Student

“Through the Pre-Natal Yoga sessions I gained the confidence I didn’t have during my first pregnancy to want and have an all natural delivery for the birth of my second son. I also learned breathing techniques and special poses for pain management during labor as well as I was able to support my body contributing to a very healthy pregnancy. I know the pre-natal classes I took at Balanced Life Yoga played a huge role in my successful delivery of Jackson, it was a quick six hours and all natural. I find it truly amazing that I even attended a Pre-Natal class with Krista five hours before my water broke.” – Danna, Ajax.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much to Krista and Balanced Life Yoga for helping me to make it through my pregnancy and subsequent labour as smoothly as possible. I took prenatal yoga classes with Krista throughout my first and second trimester and then continued my yoga practice at home for the third trimester. Five weeks after giving birth I am back to my pre pregnancy weight. I feel great!” – Shani, Ajax.

“My experience with the Mom and Baby Yoga and Stroller Fit classes have been great experiences! Shawna, Krista, Norma and Rachel, are amazing people and it has been such a joy to meet everyone! We have created new memories with the staff and the lovely moms and babies who we have taken classes with, I can’t wait to continue my yoga journey through the Balanced Life Yoga studio, and hopefully during my next pregnancy! Thanks for everything!!” – Justine C., Oshawa

“Balanced Life Yoga has been a huge part of my journey through Motherhood – nurturing my physical and emotional health through my pregnancy. I have always enjoyed yoga and have practiced it for many years; however, I had never felt so connected with my body through yoga practice than when I began prenatal yoga there. My husband and I participated in their prenatal partner yoga and we carried what we learned all the way through to labour and delivery. When praised by my nurse for doing a great job breathing, I proudly told her “this is my goddess breath!” As soon as I was physically able following the birth of our son, he and I joined mom and baby yoga. It is fantastic to stretch and strengthen those mommy muscles in a comfortable environment and interacting with other mamas and babes on a weekly basis. What I love most about Balanced Life Yoga is how committed the teachers are to the health and well being of their yogis. Balanced Life Yoga is not just a yoga studio, it is a community of love that I am so happy to be a part of. I look forward to continuing my mommy yoga journey and venturing back into ‘my’ yoga through their other wonderful classes.” – Daniella M., Ajax

“I just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing experience I had during the whole Prenatal and Mom and Baby offerings. I really wouldn’t have been able to pull through the rough first months and then the depressing winter without the support of the wonderful mums I met through Balanced life yoga and in particular without the teachers’ support and advice. The best thing about Balanced life yoga is that it is so much more than just a place to practice yoga, it provides social environment for many mums like me who spend most of the days during maternity leave accompanied by their babies only and mostly indoors. In addition, there I found the motivation to take care of myself and as a result be able to take better care of my daughter Mila. To me Balanced life yoga are you. I don’t know if you realize it, but you ladies are doing an incredible job! Thank you from the heart” – Maria, Ajax

“I always have loved the physicality of practicing yoga poses, but not until starting the classes at Balanced Life Yoga did I understand the mental and spiritual connection that I could have with myself, and the baby in my tummy! The girls at the studio have shown me this side of yoga and I am so grateful. I feel more a part of my own body, the life within me, the people around me, and my surroundings. Thank you!” – Alli W., Whitby 

“I loved stroller fit!  Not only was it a reason to get up and out of the house to spend time outside, it was a chance to meet and make friends with other new moms in our community!  I went to a lot of other programs with Henry during our year off together, but stroller fit was where we were the most active and had the best conversations.  I love how the group became so close and great friendships were formed – and don’t forget the Yummy Mummy Facebook page, what a great way to keep in touch, especially now that some of us have gone back to work. Thanks for making it such a fun experience Krista” – Tracee, Ajax

“Attending yoga at Balanced Life was pivotal in my journey to get pregnant, to enjoy my pregnancy and then to face labour with greater knowledge and resources.  Yoga classes helped to keep me centered through an extremely challenging journey to conception – a time when I needed an incredible amount of patience, love and compassion for myself.  I was then thrilled to “graduate” into prenatal yoga.  I loved that Krista and Amy were able to teach me what was safe for me and my baby, every step of the way.  This gave me the confidence to continue with developing a healthy mind and body over 40 weeks.  Yoga at Balanced Life has always given me a sense of community.  I am certain that feeling will continue in the post-natal classes and beyond.  I am so grateful to have had this support and guidance for myself and my new daughter Jamie.  Thanks to all” – Jodi A.