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Specialty training is good for your students and good for your career!

Invest in your learning, your resume and your SELF!

Specialty trainings ensure Yoga teachers have a variety of skills, classes, and offerings for their students AND it also ensures you are more “employable”.

We love building great teachers and offer many specialty training to help you truly be of service.

As well they are 100% Tax Deductible as we are a Registered Educational Institution with the Federal Government.  Register today!

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Restorative Workshop NO SavingsRestorative Yoga + Mind Body Therapy Teacher Training Course

with Shasta Townsend


Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017  from 8:30 am-5:00 pm


Cost: $299.
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Restorative yoga is a powerful healing practice that regulates the nervous system by slowing it down, naturally relaxing both the mind and body. It is a simple, gentle yoga practice that reaches a wide range of people in their health and abilities.


This course will focus on a more gentle, supported yoga practice for our students. Learn the principles of teaching this method as well as how to adapt each pose.


The Restorative Yoga course is a great first addition to any teacher’s repertoire and a key aspect of teaching therapeutically and privately. This is an interactive, experiential training that can be taken by teachers of all yoga disciplines, healing practitioners, and all yogis who want to expand their personal practices.


In this course you will learn:

• The effects of stress and how it relates to restorative practice
• Introduction to restorative yoga, its benefits & approach
• How to effectively support the body in each posture with props
• How to increase health in the body, allowing people with injuries, stress or chronic pain to regulate and heal
• Restorative Yoga as a standalone practice
• How to effectively integrate Restorative Yoga postures into other Yoga practicesKnowing how to teach restorative yoga will give you the tools to welcome beginner students of all ages and physical states, and allow them to experience yoga in the safest way.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification through Balanced Life Yoga.


This training can count as 8 hours towards continuing education hours in Balanced Life Yoga’s Teaching Mastery 300 Hour Certification Program.

Chakras Continuing Education

Creative Sequencing for the Chakras with Angela Ryan

Date: Sunday, July 9 from 12:30-5:00pm


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Register before May 9th  & SAVE!
Cost: Early Bird Special $99addtocart-orange test 35
            Regular Pricing $125



Chakra-based or energy based classes are extremely popular, but teachers need a specific understanding of how to sequence and create classes that safely, harmoniously and meaningfully present the Chakras in an asana class.


In this unique half-day training, senior teacher Angela Ryan shares classical vinyasa sequencing principles and new developments in biomechanics as well as energetic medicine to help you create a blueprint for classes that highlight and focus on the Chakras in an inspired and approachable way.


In this Continuing Education training, you will:

  • Enhance your own sequencing skills to feel more masterful, safe and clear.
  • Gain masterful wisdom on each Chakra from an energetic, physical and emotional perspective.
  • Learn how to guide students through pranayama, asanas and  meditations for each energetic center.
  • Receive and share feedback on particular Chakra sequences to fine-tune every aspect of the classes you create
  • Deconstruct and expand existing sequences and learn how to incorporate all of the aspects of class creation
  • Deepen and advance your wisdom that will broaden your scope as a yoga professional or enlightened student


This is a dynamic, interactive training which will revolutionize your class creation and personal practice.  You will also collaborate with a sangha of dedicated yoga professionals to hone sequencing techniques  and experience the joy of collaboration.


Suitable for teachers of yoga and students who are seeking a deeper understanding of Chakras, teaching and sequencing.  4 Hours continuing education.


Angela Ryan brings three decades of teaching expertise to her Yoga Teacher Training.  As the Lead Asana Instructor in Balanced Life Yoga’s 200 Inspired Spirit Teacher Training and Teaching Mastery 300 Hour Program, she brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to Optimal Blueprint Alignment and Creative Sequencing. 


Beginner Yoga I CertificationBeginner Yoga I Certification with Shasta Townsend

Date: Thursday, August 3 from 8:30-5:00pm
             Friday, August 4 from 8:30-12:30pm
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Register before June 15th  & SAVE!
Cost: Early Bird Special $399addtocart-orange test 35
            Regular Pricing $499


Having the skills, insight and knowledge to teach newbies to Yoga is an essential tool for every Yoga teacher.

Whether you are teaching Beginner Yoga or just students who are new, you must have the wisdom to ensure that students feel safe, confident and keep coming back,

Newer students may have a huge host of injuries and limitations so they often require modifications and assists that are specific to their needs.

In addition, having the skills to effectively teach beginning students not only gives you powerful confidence as a teacher, but also opens up a huge range of possibilities for additional classes and income as a teacher.

In this professional development training, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching safe, compelling and inspired Beginner Yoga classes.

Master teacher, and creator of Balanced Life Yoga’s extremely successful Beginner Yoga offerings, Shasta Townsend will teach you how to:

•Create immediate rapport + connection with new students so you both overcome your nerves.

•Build trust between you and newbies so that they keep coming back and become life long students.

•Explain Yoga and its practices in practical ways to inspire students.

•Break down the most complicated yet fundamental poses so new students understand immediately and feel accomplished in their practice.

•Avoid overwhelming students with postures or too much detail.

•Make effective and safe assists for beginners

•Create a powerful beginner sequence that can be used for a variety of settings that have new students.

•Grow yourself and your offerings!

This is the first time in over 14-years that we are offering this training. Be sure to register early to ensure your spot.

Training counts as 15 hours towards continuing education or Balanced Life Yoga’s 300 Hour Professional Development hours.



Date: TBA

Investment: $299



Myofascial Release is THE hot topic and MUST HAVE teaching tool in the world of Yoga and Sports Medicine. It has proven to heal injury, bring balance to the body and ensure a top functioning nervous system, yet few yoga teachers are well trained in this amazing technique. Be one of a handful of therapeutically focused teachers who can provide this highly sought out practice.


Senior teacher, Krista Bromfield shares her knowledge of myofascial release, and her extensive insight into applied anatomy, yoga therapeutics and sequencing in this one day intensive for yoga teachers and dedicated students. This training will focus on two of the most complex (and often injured) joints of the body – The Hip and The Shoulder.  As yoga teachers and dedicated students, a keen understanding of these ball and socket joints as well as the most effective techniques to heal and stabilize them is a must if we are to bring bodies into a state of balance and truly guide our students to optimal health. A thorough understanding of these joints along with myosfascial release and well aligned asana will revolutionize your own yoga practice and your private and group classes!


This training will focus on three key areas:

  1. UNDERSTANDING ANATOMY – you will learn the anatomy and biomechanics of The Shoulder and Hip Joints as well as their function and potential dysfunction, and how to assist student’s with injuries in these areas in a safe and powerful manner.


  1.  ALIGN YOUR ASANA – through practicing asana and sequences of postures created specifically for shoulder and hip therapeutic work, we will look at the way these joints move in our yoga practice and how with proper biomechanics we can protect them from injury


  1.  RELEASE MYOFASICA – with the power of myofascial release techniques you will experience how this amazing compliment to your yoga practice can help improve overall function and balance in The Shoulder and Hip Joints (Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls will be provided for your use and available for purchase at the training if you wish to go home with a pair of your own).


This training can count as 8 hours towards continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.  


Senior Teacher Krista Bromfield has an honours degree in Kinesiology and Education and is an ERYT500 hour. As a dedicated student of the study of human movement, she also has extensive training (60+ hours) in Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball and Roll Model® Techniques as well as Fascial Stretch Therapy Essentials® and Myofascial Release.

2 UNITE Partner Savings Ad Oct. 152UNITE Partner Yoga Certification with Krista Bromfield

Date TBA

Investment: $299

Immerse yourself in the yoga of CONNECTEDNESS! Learn to incorporate Partner Yoga poses into your classes and/or create a partner yoga class or workshop using the principles of safety, grounding, balance, trust and touch. This training will also include the concepts of Skillful Assisting, Mirrored Postures, Bone Stacking, Counter Balancing, Partner Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Philosophy as it applies to Partner Yoga. This is a great certification to add to your portfolio if you are a yoga teacher, personal trainer, or PE teacher. Discover the true meaning of yoga: UNION! This training comes with a complete posture guide. You do not need to sign up with a partner.



learn-to-teach-workshops-no-savingsLearn How to Create, Communicate & Fill Wellness Workshops- A Professional Development Training for Yoga Teachers & Wellness Practitioners  – Live or Virtual Learning with Shasta Townsend

 Join Shasta LIVE or VIRTUAL
Investment: $199


Teaching workshops is an avenue that many Yoga teachers and wellness practitioners don’t consider for fear they have nothing to offer, or have no idea where to even start.

Yet, workshops are of huge service to your students, your community and your own bank account.

Workshops allow students to go deeper into their practice and elevate their own wisdom, happiness and life to new levels.  As teachers, workshops enable us to share deeper knowledge and profound transformation that could not happen in a regular class or session. As well, workshops can be a significant source of cash flow to your own personal Yoga income or Yoga/wellness business.

In this professional training, Yoga business entrepreneur Shasta Townsend shares the secret to create engaging, transformative and lucrative workshops.  In the first part of this training, Shasta shows you how to tap into your current knowledge and call that forward into a workshop. You already have knowledge that would make a great workshop, and she will show you how to put it into a class with ease! In addition, you will learn how to develop workshops according to the “arc of transformation” so you include the correct information and are not giving too little or too much. Shasta will also address group dynamics, challenging students, room set up and power tools as a teacher.

In the second part of the training, Shasta shares how to write, communicate and pitch workshops to prospective studio owners or how to invite your own students to ensure high levels of registration and success. She shares a 3-step formula for easy “marketing” for even the most anti-business teachers, and a secret way to ensure future workshops are filled.

We promise if you follow the steps in this training, that you will make at least 10x your investment within the first year of doing regular workshops, and you will be serving your students in transformative and fun ways as you grow as a teacher.

It’s time for you to share deeper!

* Distance learning is also available for students who can’t make it live. You will have an option of attending via live Zoom broadcast or you can receive the recording after. Our Studio Manager will reach out to you to ensure you are all set up with ease.

PRENATAl & POSTNATAL CERTS November 2016 UpdatedPrenatal Yoga and Pregnancy Modification Training Certification with Krista Bromfield

Date TBA

Investment: $299, Register for both Pre and Post Natal for $499



Learn to teach a growing field of yoga and support women on their journey into motherhood with Krista Bromfield – Balanced Life Yoga senior teacher, mother of two and RYT 500 and RPYT. In this certification, you will learn how to modify yoga for pregnant participants in group classes as well as lead appropriate, inspiring and safe pre-natal yoga classes.

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy/childbirth
  • The do’s and don’ts of the trimesters
  • Yoga asanas (postures) for pregnancy and birth including restoratives
  • Breath work and meditations appropriate for pregnancy.
  • A detailed course manual and complete posture guide
  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certificate.


PRENATAl & POSTNATAL CERTS November 2016 UpdatedPostnatal Mom & Baby Yoga Certification with Krista Bromfield

Date: TBA

Investment: $299, Register for both Pre and Post Natal for $499



Learn to teach Post-Natal Yoga and foster the magical bond between mom and baby with Balanced Life Yoga senior teacher and mother of two – Krista Bromfield RYT 500 and RPYT. In this certification, you will gain understanding and knowledge about the specific needs of the postpartum participant and learn to teach a Mom and Baby Yoga class.

Topics include:

  • Appropriate postnatal yoga postures and modifications
  • Mom and Baby Yoga sequences and flows
  • Strength training exercises for the pelvic floor, core and other muscles that tend to get stretched/weak or tight due to postpartum posture
  • Overview of Yoga poses specifically for babies
  • Coaching on how to build community in your classes and therefore, more class success
  • A discussion on relevant concerns for new mothers such as baby blues, postpartum depression and diastasis recti.
  • Detailed course manual and complete posture guide.
  • Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Certificate

*Please bring a life-like doll or stuffed toy with you to this training.


Energy Upgrade Master Class FallCollective Healing & Energy Upgrade for Yoga Teachers & Healers : Release Fear, Self-Doubt & Worry and Share Your Bright Light!!

Master Class Hosted by Shasta Townsend.

Live Webinar with Shasta Townsend

FREE addtocart-orange test 35



Teaching Yoga is truly a sacred calling, and one that can be joyful, fun, abundant and full of ease, but many Yoga teachers are struggling to make it both financially and energetically mainly because of energetic blocks and deep rooted fears about not being good enough, but there is a way to clear this all with ease & grace.
In this master training you will:

  • Participate in a sacred ritual that will clear insecurity and fear and allow you to serve and shine with ease.
  • Learn how to tap into your own Inner Wisdom and Source energy to bring your passion and insight to the world.
  • Discover your Dharma (Sacred Duty) by tapping into your heart’s longing.
  • Clearly identify your next step on the teaching path.
  • Learn the number one mistake new and even seasoned Yoga teachers make, and how to overcome it so you are serving your self, your students and your community with joy and success.
  • This event will be recorded, but we do encourage you to join us live to participate in the live energy healing. AND all live attendees will receive a special on-the-call live training bonus.

Space is limited. Join master teacher, Shasta Townsend



All fees are non-refundable.